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The Elmhurst Walk-In Assistance Network is designed to offer emergency assistance to clients who find themselves in a difficult situation. We can help with: 

  • rental/mortgage assistance

  • electric, gas or water bills

  • access to Immaculate Conception Food Pantry 

  • car repair 

  • gasoline vouchers for assistance getting to work, a job interview, or doctor’s appointment

  • prescription help (through NuCara Pharmacy only)

  • dental assistance through partnering dentists

  • adult shoes (children’s shoes are available through school social workers and the Bethel Shoe Program)

If you have been a resident of Elmhurst for at least 90 days, have children in an Elmhurst school, or belong to a covenant church in Elmhurst, you are are eligible for assistance.

* We do not help with security deposits, phone bills, cable, insurance, or shut-off fees.
​* Clients are never given cash or checks. All assistance goes directly to the service provider. No cash is kept on the premises.
​* We have access to a wide variety of resources in DuPage County. If you have questions about where else in the county you can go to get assistance, we can help you identify agencies.

how we can help



  • Visit the site between 10:00 am - noon, Monday-Friday. First time clients should try to arrive by 11:00 am to allow enough time for the registration interview.

  • You will be asked to identify all members of your household by name and age.

  • You will be asked to disclose all sources of income.

  • A copy will be made of your driver’s license or state ID.

  • If you meet our assistance guidelines, you are immediately eligible for help.

  • ​If a job prevents you from coming during our posted hours, call us at 630-782-6006 to set up an after-hours registration.

  • The Immaculate Conception Food Pantry maintains the same hours as we do, and you may use it every two weeks. You must get a voucher for the food pantry from EWAN first.

  • As the assistance we give is focused on emergencies, we have limits on how much aid we can give to any one family or individual. If the amount you are requesting exceeds what we are able to give, we will suggest other local agencies that may be able to help bridge the gap. 

what to expect
what to bring



  • Driver’s license or other picture ID (must be presented on each visit)

  • First-time visitors must provide two proofs of 90 day residency in Elmhurst. For example:

    • utility bill

    • lease

    • piece of mail

  • If you are not an Elmhurst resident but are a member of an Elmhurst church, please bring a letter from the pastor confirming your church membership.

  • If you’re not an Elmhurst resident but have a child in an Elmhurst school, please bring a report card or a letter from your child’s school social worker.

  • If you are seeking rental assistance you must have a signed copy of your current lease.

  • If you are seeking help with a utility bill, you must provide the bill.

  • For car repair or a gas voucher, you will need to provide a current driver’s license and proof of valid insurance.


For a comprehensive list of all agencies and local resources, consult the DuPage County website:

other resources
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